Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Happy Birthday L!

I know i'm a few days late on this, but it doesn't mean any less. The L in SnL (Lauren) celebrated her 26th birthday on Friday!! I wasn't able to celebrate with her b/c she was at a wedding with her hubby's family in Austin, but hopefully soon!

Lauren and I were inseperable in college once we met each other. We were introduced through a friend of mine from hs and then ended up in the same psychology classes. I have so many wonderful memories with Lauren from those years and beyond. Here are some highlights:

- summer of nothing where we literally layed out at the pool, worked as waitresses, shopped, drank sweet tea from Bush's, and relaxed.

- spring break in Florida (the chip incident and my amazing choice in men)

- Girl nights in pjs making our "senior boxes"

- Gilmore girls

- Late nights studying in Jones library at our table and getting yellled at by the mean security guard for eating in the library.

- 10 pm breaks for snacks in the library during finals.

- Lauren's wedding!

- 4th of july in Austin

- countless inside jokes

- getting yelled at by our TA in psychology statistics lab

Thank you Lauren for always being an amazing bff. I could not have gotten through so many moments in my 20s without you. You are encouraging, loving, caring, practical, realistic, and make me laugh all the time. Even now not seeing you as much as I want to, we are still close as ever. Love you girl.

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