Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Small Things in LIfe

1. New Bigger Office. Ever since January, I have been coveting the two bigger offices in my office. I somehow ended up in the smallest office in the our offices. Being the new associate I accepted this gracefully and gratefully. To even have an office was a big deal. Then I realized the other two open offices were considerably bigger, and I began to covet them and dream of my days when I could be in one of them. Well, friends, that day has arrived! Today I was informed by the P that I would be moving into the bigger office (by the breakroom!) if I wanted to. And of course I jumped at the offer, and had to contain my excitement. I know, an office is an office, but this one is soooo much bigger than the closet I am currently in. And its close to the breakroom and bathrooms. Its a bit further walk to the printers, but I don't care! Hopefully while I'm on my vacay next week the office will be set up so I can get back move all my personal stuff over there. I might even bring my diplomas up now. (I was holding out in hopes I'd get to move to the other offices). Small things in life I tell ya!

2. Lotion. Has made my sunburn feel so much better. It still hurts, but not as tight with the lovely Aveeno lotion applied in layers.

3. Captivating. I started this book last night on a recommend from Tara. OMG. Speak to my heart Lord. I could not get enough of it. I'll be sharing more about this later.

4. Thunderstorms. It stormed last night in H-town. And it was wonderful. I read my book and listened to the thunder.

5. Looking forward to something. Let me tell ya, looking forward to this vacay has made the past month much more fun. Now if only I can find something to look forward to once I get back (wait, i'm not thinking that far ahead..).

6. New planner. I have a franklin covey planner. I bought it last year in July. So now all I have to do is replace the pages and keep the shell. Well time is up and so last week I bought the new year. I love it. I enjoy writing in my planner, filling in important dates for the upcoming 12 months, putting cheesy date stickers on it, and generally planning out my life. Yea, its nerdy. But it makes me happy.

Its the small things I tell ya!

Much Love.

Yay: moving offices!

Dang: still bright red sunburn. yikes.

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