Monday, June 29, 2009


This hurts today -

The Lake was fabulous! Arrived at the lake on Friday night. Had dinner with the fam at this restuarant called "The Pier". There was some live music which set the relaxing mood. The next day we set out on the lake early (like 9 am, what can I saw, we are hardcore). We stayed out till about 3 pm. I put on sunscreen like it was going out of style, but apparently it was in the cards for me to leave with an awesome sunburn on my back and shoulders. Im hoping it doesn't peel but leaves a nice tan for my Mexican vacation next week! That night we had a steak dinner with some tasty red wine, and then hit the hay early from exhaustion. It was a great weekend with my family!

My hope for this week is that it goes by fast. In 3 1/2 days I will have 10 days off from work, first time since well last August when I started work. I cannot wait!

Oh and for those who are wondering which resort it is - Excellence Playa Mujeres. I'll give a full recap of the vacay once I get back.

Much Love.

Yay: short work week.

Dang: Sunburn hurts. Let's just say, I have my hair in a pony tail and the end of my pony tail that touches my back huts my back. Yea, its that awesome.

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