Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Run, Run, as fast as you can...

I'm not a runner. I have no problem admitting that. There are many plausible causes that this could stem from 1. Jr. High cross country - i was forced to run cross country in jr. high if I wanted to stay in the athletic period (i played volleyball). Everyday I'd suit up in the cold air and run. And I'm pretty sure I always came in last. But I didn't care. I began to loathe it, at age 12, not good for running in my later life. 2. Cartilage in my chest- i apparently fell down at some point in college and managed to hurt a part of my rib cage (or something in that area) and a lovely cartilage bump grew (TMI, I know). Well when I run it gets irritated and hurts, suck. 3. Lack of endurance - when you don't run you don't build endurance so when you do try to run you dont have any, vicious cycle. 4. those stupid pains in the side of my back when i run- stitches i think they are called, and I think I read somewhere they are due to not breathing correctly when you are running (If anyone has a better idea on how to combat these pls let me know in the comments section!).

So, as you can see, running is not my forte for those 4 reasons (among many) that I have for not running. Well my friends, I am turning over a new leaf, for multiple reasons - 1. One of my besties, Lauren, hated running in college, we'd talk about how much we both disliked it and how it was much better to walk the "bear trail" then, gasp, run it. Now she is awesome runner of the world. She runs everyday, and joined a running club, and runs in races on most weekends. I'm super proud of her and her ability to run. 2. My trainer said running is the best way to lose fat. I believe her. 3. I want to build endurance, and at some point you just gotta bite the bullet and start buidling it. 4. I'm going to be in a bikini for a week straight in 2 1/2 weeks, yikes.

What is this new leaf my friends - I'm. going. to. start. running.

Well I have already started to run. Elaine passed on this website with a 9 week running program for those, like me, who don't like to run, or can't do it very well. Its a program that builds up your endurance over 9 weeks. I'm on week 1. I'm going to be running 2 minutes, and walking 4, and repeating 5 times (which amounts to 30 minutes of work out!). I did it for the first time last night at my apt gym and actually really liked it. Tonight I'm going to go run outside (yes in the TX heat/humidity,but hey being hot burns more calories right?) for my second day on week 1. I hope to get get 2 more runs this week on week 1. I'll let you know how it goes each week! (this time i'll actually follow through, not exactly what I did on my WW goal, which btw i ended up cancelling b/c it was virtually impossible for me to concentrate on keeping track of all the points, props to those who can!).

Now, there will not be a marathon in my future, or even a half marathon for that matter. I'd just like to be able to run 2 miles without stopping. I'm pretty sure at this point I can run 3/4 mile without stopping (i haven't tried yet...). I know those out there who run 5-10 miles a day are not impressed by my 3/4 mile run, but I ma my friends.

Therefore - if anyone out there in blogger land likes to run and has some hints or suggestions on how to get me in the running spirit, i'd love the tips and advice :)

Much love.

Yay: finding the earring i thought I lost on the bathroom floor.

Dang: laundry.

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