Wednesday, June 24, 2009


As I eat my sandwich, I'm perusing the internet and various photos from the Camp I used to attend from 7th grade till the summer after 12th (yes, I did go to camp before I left for college). I also counseled at this camp every summer from 10th till 12th grade. I would share an awesome photo of me from camp in my prime (not!) but alas that was before the days of digital cameras, so the pics are all old fashioned paper copies/negatives. I do have this one though -

Its really hard to see this one apparently. BUT if you look closely... You'll see on the upper left side, five people in, my friend (Angie) and I doing something with our hands with green face masks on (like for facials). That's how cool I was. We were counselors in this picture. I think i was maybe 16/17 years old, and in charge of 10 kids in elementary school, crazy.

I loved Camp Crucis (Episcopal church camp in Granbury, Texas). And it makes me miss the carefree days of summer as a teenager, where I could disappear to camp land for weeks on end and enjoy bonfires, dances, "camp romances", skits, late nights sitting in the girls cabin circle reading cosmo and chatting, shower caddies (okay maybe I don't miss that), and general lazy days with friends, learning about Christ. How that time seems so long ago...

Much Love.

Yay: Happy Hour tonight.

Dang: busy.

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