Monday, June 8, 2009

Perfect Texas Summer Weekend

I know that I have been uber bad at posting and I'm sorry to all of my 3 readers who check back but get no update. It has been pretty busy as of late and I just haven't found the time. (last week was crazy hectic at work with the NYP and the P both working with me on every file I have, I accomplished a lot, which gives me time to update on this).

This past weekend was the perfect summer in texas weekend! I went with some friends to New Braunfels, Texas for a weekend of floating the river and general relaxation. We stayed at a hill country house near Gruene, Texas. It has the most perfect patio with a fire pit and a bbq picnic area, and two other patios, one with an outdoor stone fire place and another with a chiminea. The house was definitely set up for outdoor entertaining. Friday night we relaxed around the fire (yes it got chilly enough to warrant a fire). Saturday we floated the Comal river. It was pretty crowded but that didn't stop us. We floated twice and it was wonderful! I even managed to not get sunburned, but have the perfect amount of sun. Go me! (if you know me then you know thats a fete hard to accomplish for I am one pasty woman). That night we enjoyed a dinner at Gristmill (I got the chicken fried stead, a departure from my diet and well worth it!). Then we trekked to a bar called Tavern on the Gruene and listened to some down home country band and hung out for a while (by trek I mean we walked a mile to get there, yes walked, but it was a nice evening). Sunday Patrick and I headed to Boerne to attend a cook out at his dad's house. We stayed till late in the day but were able to get some quality time in with his family.

Overall it was a fan-tastical weekend!

To recap on the past week: I attended two astros games - 1. with my friend Cindy from hs and her hubby and new baby girl Haylee (who is so precious). We ate at ninfa's before the game and then sat in great seats right above home plate! It was a joy to see them and i'm glad they made time to visit me during their vacay :) 2. with patrick's firm, open bar, free food, need i say more?

On the plate for this week: Girls HH; casino night with patrick's firm (possibly) AND working out everyday. Leave for vacay in t-minus 27 days and def not in bikini body, not even close.

Sorry I didn't take many pics this past weekend and those that I did didn't turn out well..will hopefully have some from a friend soon!

Much love.

Yay: finally having a little color on my face and legs, and realizing that my hair is a lot blonder than i thought (yes naturally blonder than i thought it was, since i haven't seen the real color oh since sophomore year of hs, eek).

Dang: new shoes = two gigantic blisters on my heels. bummer.

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