Thursday, June 25, 2009


Countdown to Summer FUN!

The next three weeks are my summer in a nutshell pretty much.

Tomorrow I'll be heading to Lake Travis for some good ole Fam Time. My sister's bday, mom's bday, and father's day are all within two weeks of another. This weekend we'll celebrate all three (mainly Kate's 28th birthday!). I'm super excited to lay on a boat, or on a floaty, and get some sun.

9 1/2 days from now - I'll be leaving on a jet plane with the boyfriend for our summer romantical vacation to Mexico. We are staying at an adults all inclusive resort for a whole week. I'm super pumped. I check trip advisor everyday to read reviews about our resort (5 stars!) and get any inside info that I can. I have a countdown on my bulletin board at work (X's and Numbers, haha). And I check the website every now and again just to feed the anticipation and excitement. Im looking forward to a week with my honey, lounging by the pool/beach, drinking fruity drinks, snorkeling, reading, and doing anything else besides work for a week!

Just gotta get through the rest of today, tomorrow for the lake, and then 5 1/2 more work days for vacay!

Much Love.
Yay: productive today!
Dang: RIP Farrah Fawcett

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jae lindsay + aaron said...

that place looks awesome!
WHERE is it? in, 'where do I need to book my next vacation?'

Have a great trip!